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The best collection of cigar clothes, lighters, stickers and networking for Ladies & Gentlemen who enjoy the cigar lifestyle. These shirts are Custom Made To Order and do take a few weeks to get done BUT you are getting a shirt of YOUR specific choice.

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Windbreaker Cigar Jacket

Offered in 2 Colors

1) Black

2) Navy

NOTE: Left Sleeve Cigar Lighter Zipper Pocket©


Jackets are custom made to order and take several weeks to ship.
Please be patient.
C'mon, I know you can do it.
Redskins Redskins
Redskins Redskins

Windbreaker Left Sleeve Zipper Cigar Lighter Pocket©

Pick Your Jacket Size
Pick Your Jacket Color

Be Patient

These shirts are custom made to order.
If you are the first person to purchase a shirt that is first of its kind it may take a little longer.

At least you will know that your shirt is that much more rare.

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